The core of our curriculum concerns leadership, finance, structures, strategy and decision-making – all through the prism of innovation.

This curriculum is delivered directly by Compton, or in commercial partnership with universities, training partners, member associations or corporate enterprise.

Our programs:

  • Graduate Certificate in Creative Business (in partnership with the University of Canberra). Led by Dr David Court, this 1 year, part time course includes mentorship with Compton’s Creative Fellows: Sue Maslin, Ian Murray, Dr Chris Stevens, Imogen Banks, Robert Connolly, Chloe Rickard, Vincent Sheehan and Piers Grove.
  • Practical Producing (in partnership with Share the Knowledge) A series of 90 min Zoom workshops that will give you a toolbox of producing tips and tricks to help you get your film made. Topics include recoupment, finance plans, film financing, sales agents, distribution and financial closing.
  • Advanced Creative Entrepreneurship (in partnership with UTS)

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