Tenacity Labs – Information & Greenlight Events October-November 2020

Tenacity Labs is a business development program for creative people, especially in regional Australia.

The program offers a combination of formal learning, practical mentoring and creative project incubation. It will run for the first time in 2021. Applications are open now. Places are competitive.

Who: Tenacity Labs is for highly creative people who want to build and launch a creative venture with the potential to grow into a successful and sustainable business.

What: Participants will work with a small group of peers and experienced mentors in a series of workshops delivered online and face-to-face through 2021. The work will focus on developing a creative venture to launch stage. There will be opportunities to pitch these ventures to potential backers and investors. Participants will graduate with a postgraduate business qualification from the University of Canberra.

Cost: Places are free to successful applicants from regional Australia, thanks to funding from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources. Applicants may need to meet some costs of travel and accommodation.

Pitch for a Place: We’re hosting information and ‘Greenlight’ pitch nights where you can pitch your creative idea, or just be in the audience. Details below.

Register your interest: To register your interest, simply email [email protected]

Tenacity Labs will be delivered by Compton School, Australia’s first dedicated business school for creative people, in partnership with the University of Canberra. The program will be presented by Kylee Ingram and Dr David Court.

The participants we are seeking will be people with a track record of creative work in the screen industries and allied art forms. We are open to any form of creative venture but with an emphasis on their potential for growth and sustainability.

These may be, for example, ventures based in rich story worlds or characters with potential for franchises, series, spin-offs or new formats. Venture outputs may be films, games, TV series, books, graphic novels, songs and soundtracks – or any combination of these. Again, the emphasis is on ventures that are creatively fertile and can be sustained over time.

We are open to applications from creative teams but will offer no more than 2 places to any single team. We are also open to participants forming teams during the course of the program – in fact, we will encourage them.

Throughout the Tenacity Labs, ventures will be under the microscope. They’ll be tested, discussed, dissected, planned and rehearsed until they are pitch-ready. By the end of the program, the goal will be to attract partners, buyers and investors who can help participants build strong, continuing businesses.

Places in Tenacity Labs are competitive. Places are free for participants from regional Australia. Each place is valued at around $20,000.

Greenlight Events will run through November 2020 to recruit for the program. These are an opportunity to introduce yourself, pitch your idea if you want, or just be in the audience to hear others pitch — and learn more about the Tenacity. Open to anyone from regional Australia.

To register your interest and find out more, please email [email protected]

We will provide rehearsal time and pitch guidance before your session. All sessions will be held over Zoom.

Dates and Times

Session One INFO NIGHT: 28th October 6.30-7.30pm AEST

Session Two: 4th November 6.30-8.30pm AEST

Session Three: 11th November 6.30-8.30pm AEST