We partner with universities, training organisations and companies to deliver our curriculum wherever there is demand.

We develop curriculum and teach it, while our partners provide the opportunity and organisational infrastructure. Revenues are shared proportionately.

For our university partners, the model helps expand their offerings and attract new students, without having to hire new staff or develop new content. Together we can rapidly develop new courses or refresh old ones, driving both new and incremental revenues.

For our training partners, Compton offers a new source of relevant, practical and engaging courses to upskill members and clients, introducing them to world’s best practice in creativity and innovation.

For our corporate partners, Compton is a specialist adviser and trainer in re-engineering creative processes for greater control and better outcomes.

For Compton, the model means we can focus on our core expertise – building outstanding new course content and teaching it to the best of our ability.




  • With Film Victoria we are delivering a Pitch-In Workshop for Early Career Content Creators.
  • With Vista Foundation and Share The Knowledge we are delivering a Marketing and Distribution course for Producers in New Zealand in 2021 and 2022.
  • We have partnered with the Public Relations Institute of Australia to deliver an online program around ‘Creativity in Communications’ to the PR industry
  • We have been selected by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to develop and deliver a program to promote and nurture creative enterprises in regional Australia
  • With the University of Canberra we are delivering 2021 and 2022 Graduate Certificate in Creative Business. This will cover the core creative business subjects of decision making, entrepreneurship, finance and innovation.
  • We have worked with the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation to optimise philanthropic investment in medical research, using the Greenlight™ creative decision-making process.