Creative Leadership Workshop

Technology alone is not enough — it’s technology, married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.
– Steve Jobs

When anyone can be a creator, recognising truly great ideas and knowing how to make them happen matters more than ever. This course led by creative entrepreneur, mentor and film producer Sue Maslin goes beyond old models of leadership to explore new pathways to creative success –

  • Knowing your personal brand: What you stand for in your creative work, your business and your approach to life.
  • Making it happen: Anything becomes possible around a great leader.
  • Risk and adventure: Making the most out of opportunities that arise out of change and uncertainty.
  • Influence: Making change that counts by changing minds.
  • Relationships: Leadership is deeply satisfying when it connects people with powerful ideas.
  • Being ahead of the curve: The further you look over the horizon, the more you get to shape your own future.



Leadership is about making great things happen with great people at the intersection of creativity, business and technology.

  1. Recognising the leader you are

    What does leadership look like and are you ready to take ownership of it? Your taste, track record and personal qualities are the quickest indicators of what you stand for. These emerge from your values – what really matters to you. But what is your vision? Do you have a compelling story to tell?

  2. The power of persuasion

    Leadership in the creative industries is rarely about command and control. Rather, it requires the creation of a compelling story to inspire and incentivise others to follow your vision. We invite leaders who have mastered this skill to share their knowledge and you will work with them to develop your own narrative.

  3. Leadership strategies

    In a highly disrupted landscape, new strategies for leadership need to be developed, at the intersection of creativity, business and technology. We examine case studies that offer new ideas about leadership. We also look at gender and cultural diversity and how these impact on leadership.

  4. Key relationships

    Getting the best from collaborators, stakeholders, investors, mentors, sponsors and networks. Each of these relationships has its own language and shared rules and leaders need to understand the nuances. We explore the idea of ‘weightless management’ in creative enterprises.

  5. Strategic risk-taking

    Navigating uncertainty and developing the courage to exploit cultural and business opportunities. We present The Dressmaker as a case study in turning a risky proposal into a smash hit.

  6. The influencers

    We investigate the leaders who have shaped the creative sector in which they operate. What is their take on the future and how best to engage with it? What will the next generation of leaders look like?

  7. Making it your business

    We examine your leadership role in finding the pathways and collaborators who can help you secure a sustainable creative business. We review the changing face of entrepreneurship and the strategies that will be important in the future.



  • The course will be delivered over three two-day workshops, combining lectures, discussions and group exercises.
  • Participants will work in groups on a live business case study and prepare a leadership strategy for a business undergoing transition in the creative economy.
  • Following each workshop, participants will also take part in a telephone conference with a special guest speaker.
  • On the final day, the groups will pitch their work to a panel of experts.
  • There will be a maximum of 16 participants.



Course leader – Sue Maslin

Sue Maslin is one of Australia’s most successful screen producers. Her latest feature, The Dressmaker (2015), grossed more than $20m and became one of Australia’s biggest box office smash hits. Other feature credits include Road to Nhill, Japanese Story, winner of 2003 AFI Award for Best Film, Dominick Dunne: After the Party and Hunt Angels, winner of the 2006 AFI Award for Best Feature Documentary Film. Sue is Adjunct Professor at RMIT’s School of Media & Communication and a recognised industry leader. Sue was the inaugural recipient of the Jill Robb Award for Outstanding Leadership, Achievement and Service to the Victorian Screen Industry and currently serves as President of the Natalie Miller Fellowship reflecting her ongoing commitment to gender diversity both on and off screen.

Course convenor – Andrea Buck

Andrea Buck has worked as a film producer, writer and development executive in Australia, Hollywood and South Africa. Her film The Jammed broke box office records and won a sweep of awards including Best Script, Best Music and Best Film at the 2007 INSIDE FILM Awards, as well as seven AFI Award nominations. Andrea holds a Masters in Screen Art & Business from AFTRS, and is a TEDx Speaker and speaker coach.


What you will take away:

  • A blueprint for shaping and delivering your leadership objectives
  • A leadership strategy for you and your business
  • Expert guidance and one-on-one feedback
  • A peer group with a shared understanding of Creative Leadership


  • $2950
  • Scholarships: Participants may apply for one of two Compton Directors Awards of $500 each. Awards are granted on need and merit. For more information contact David Court at [email protected]


  • 6-7 September
  • 18-19 October
  • 22-23 November


  • The Arcade, 164 Kings Way South Melbourne






Join screen entrepreneur Sue Maslin at Melbourne’s historic Capitol Theatre for a night of insights and networking.