Graduate Certificate in Creative Business

                    University of Canberra Cricos code: 00212K.

A course for people who: For anyone wanting to make the step-change to a sustainable creative life.

The Graduate Certificate in Creative Business is only open for domestic student applications and admissions requirements do apply.


Course summary: This course is about starting, building, financing and managing creative businesses. It brings together students from different creative industries to work on a common core of business problems shared by all creative businesses.

The course combines instruction in business fundamentals with case studies, group exercises and an individual project.

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While the course has a common curriculum which all students study, you may choose one of four specialist streams:

·     Creative Leadership, led by creative entrepreneur Sue Maslin AO, producer of the hit film The Dressmaker. Focus: developing a personal and business leadership plan.

·     Content Giants, led by Piers Grove, publisher of The Betoota Advocate and founder of EnergyLab. Focus: working in teams to develop improvisational and ephemeral creative content.

·     Tenacity Labs, led by filmmaker Kylee Ingram and Dr David Court, founder of Compton School. Focus: building a sustainable business around a fertile creative idea.

·     Singular Success, led by Monica Davidson, founder of Creative Plus Business. Focus: pursuing business success as a creative freelancer.

What you’ll learn: A strong foundation in the theory and practice of developing, financing, structuring, and managing creative enterprises.

The ability to analyse creative business problems and opportunities from a multi-disciplinary perspective including financial, creative, and human resource considerations.

The ability to marshal and interpret relevant data and evidence in support of creative projects and business decision-making.

The ability to make ethical and sustainable business decisions in a complex creative business environment and reflect critically on creative and business practices.

The ability to communicate goals and plans with a high level of coherence and persuasiveness.

Program Partners: University of Canberra
Program Format: The course is structured for part-time study in 4 eight-week blocks, with each block comprising about 40 hours of lectures and workshops.
Enrolment Closes: Enrol before 22nd January, 2021.

Graduate Certificate in Creative Business Brochure

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