Creative Intelligence

A masterclass with Dr Chris Stevens

Working, thinking, thriving creatively

Creativity is fundamental to human life and work but can be difficult to sustain.

People who work creatively can find themselves stuck, stressed and overwhelmed, stale and needing a new direction, dissatisfied at work, feeling as though other people don’t get what they are doing, ‘successful’ but not fulfilled.

Many of these symptoms descend from an outdated idea about what creativity is, and a resulting dysfunction that can overtake and disrupt people’s natural creativity.

In this Masterclass, psychologist Dr Chris Stevens will help you reach a deeper understanding of your creativity, give you tools to overcome the blocks and barriers you encounter – often self-imposed – and show you how to grow and thrive in your creative life.



This program presents a creativity for the 21st century. It is also a return to a more ancient practice, where creativity is understood as something shared and collaborative.

Understanding creativity in this way reduces the stresses of isolation and self-consciousness, emphasising instead the benefits of collaborative enquiry, debate and play.

  1. Openness, fluidity and play

    Learn how to evoke more fluidity and a more playful, less inhibited creativity by reducing self-concern.

  2. Curiosity, flow and absorption

    Build curiosity in dealing with impasse, replacing anxiety with ‘flow’ and absorption; increase your tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty; and learn that ‘conscious ignorance’ is the prelude to every creative breakthrough.

  3. Truth-telling and positive conflict

    Enhance truth-telling in collaborative inquiry through an appreciation and capacity for positive conflict, and a dedication to continuous real-world feedback.

  4. Practicality, efficiency and productivity

    Develop a more purposeful and disciplined creative approach stemming from routine, efficiency and absorption. Understand creativity as a continuous stream, always building on what went before and focused on the practicalities of implementation.

  5. Work, life and wellbeing

    Learn how to better integrate life, relationships and work through creative intelligence, so that creative work is a part of a life lived creatively. Outcomes include enhanced wellbeing.



This is a practical program. Each day will include a short lecture, whole group discussion, and exercises conducted individually and in groups. A strong emphasis on learning by doing and by collaborating underlies both the approach and the intended outcomes. Each participant will have ‘skin in the game’ by undertaking a personally meaningful, professionally-oriented project to be used as a ‘stalking horse’ to master program content. You will work on your project in small groups, coaching each other. At the conclusion you will outline your action plan to take the project forward.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
– Albert Einstein


Course leader – Dr Chris Stevens

Dr Chris Stevens is a registered psychologist with 25 years’ experience in assisting individuals, groups and organisations to be sustainably creative and innovative. This has taken the form of personal coaching, lecturing, public speaking, facilitating groups and training programs and consulting in a wide variety of organisations around the world. He has published articles on personal adjustment, creativity, insight and constructive outlooks. His doctoral research explored the nature and genesis of creative insight and his professional passions include promoting workplace innovation and creativity especially as it relates to well-being and high-quality productivity. He has taught programs on Managing Creativity and Innovation in a variety of academic and creative industry contexts. His clients are diverse, including those in the creative industries (television, advertising, music industry, research and development, design & architecture) as well as many organisations in the government and private sectors. His approach is pragmatic, with learning always based in real-world activity and engagement.


Course convenor – Abigail Tabone

Abigail Tabone is a producer at Midwinter Films, where she co-produced The Butterfly Tree, which premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2017. She has previously worked as a producer at The Project Factory for clients including Channel 7, Sherlock: The Network, Home and Away and NITV. Abi’s career has spanned theatre and events as well as film and TV for clients including The Wolverine, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, Handa Opera’s Carmen on Sydney Harbour, Where the Wild Things Are and Gods of Egypt. Abi holds a Masters in Screen Arts & Business from the Australian Film Television & Radio School.



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