Graduate Certificate in Creative Business – Semester 2, August 2021


Who this course is for:

This is a course for anyone working in, or wanting to work in screen content creation.

HOTHOUSE: 21st Century Screen Production

What does a 21st century content business look like? Starting from a blank canvas, we’ll help you answer that question.

The screen industries globally are experiencing the biggest boom – and the greatest disruption – since the invention of television.

Streaming services are creating demand for new forms of ‘niche’ content that had no place in the old mass media world, while spending on content is ballooning to unprecedented levels.

The opportunities for Australian producers are truly amazing but also deeply challenging.

In this stream, you will work with some of Australia’s most successful screen producers – Imogen Banks (Offspring, Sisters), Robert Connolly (The Dry, Paper Planes) Chloe Rickard (Wakefield, No Activity) and Vincent Sheehan (Fisk, Operation Buffalo) – to figure out how to make the most of the emerging world of on-demand content.

Led by Dr David Court, you’ll explore the practice of showrunning, the business implications of storyworlds and universes, the financing strategies, and the evolving business structures.

What you’ll learn:

For all students in the Graduate Certificate program, there is a shared core curriculum about starting, building, financing and managing creative business.

The shared curriculum has been developed by Compton School in collaboration with University of Canberra and its business school. It draws on the deep business know-how of the creative industries as well as traditional business school teaching.

You will work on your own creative business plan, supervised by the Hothouse panel of expert producers. This will be the touchstone of the course, the focus to which all the teaching will contribute. There will be multiple opportunities to test and refine this plan as the year unfolds, under expert industry guidance.

By the end of the course you will have

  • An actionable creative business plan, ready to implement.
  • A deep understanding of the key business disciplines including financial analysis, business planning and strategic choice.
  • A network of true peers on which to draw in your future creative projects and business ventures.
  • A postgraduate business qualification from one of Australia’s leading universities.

Program Partners:

University of Canberra

Program Format:

The course is structured for part-time study in 4 eight-week blocks, with each block comprising about 40 hours of lectures and workshops.

Teaching starts August 2021 and finishes June 2022.


Enrol before 12th July 2021.

Late applications can be made until 26th July 2021.

Course Brochure is here.

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Email us at [email protected] for detailed course program or questions.

The Graduate Certificate in Creative Business is open for domestic student applications. Admissions requirements apply.