Having worked in and around the creative arts industry and the academic world for many years, David Court saw something that no-one else had seen: the global creative arts industry, one of the most disrupted and competitive industries in the world, had over time developed business structures, processes and approaches that dramatically improved the ‘hit rate’ of creativity. 

Yet nowhere had this business intelligence been captured and shared back to industry as best practice.

So in 2017, backed by leading executives in the Australian creative arts industries, David founded The Compton School, Australia’s first creative business school.


Now, more than ever, business needs to innovate. To find new solutions to old problems, to create new ideas that have real commercial impact.

And at the heart of innovation is creativity. Without creativity, there is no innovation.

And what the creative arts industry shows us is that the creative process – the process of ideas being generated, selected and made – can be understood, managed and improved just like every other business process.


Compton has developed a comprehensive curriculum around ‘creativity at scale’ that is proven, coherent and transferable to the broader business community.

The Compton School’s mission is to capture, share, and teach this body of knowledge to promote commercial creativity and innovation in all business.

‘Technology alone is not enough — it’s technology, married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing’
– Steve Jobs