Graduate Certificate in Creative Business

A course for people who: For anyone wanting to build a sustainable creative business.

The course is delivered online, is fully accredited by the University of Canberra and fully eligible for Fee-Help.


Course summary: Everything you need to know to build your own business, creatively.

This course is designed for busy creative professionals. In it you will learn the fundamentals of starting, growing, funding and managing a creative business.

With a group of your creative peers, you will take part in case studies and group assignments, learning from each other and expanding your creative network.

With the help of Compton’s Creative Fellows, you will develop your own creative business plan. This will be the touchstone of the course, to which all the teaching will contribute.

The teaching

Creative Decision Making, taught by Dr David Court, Simon Hoy and Ian Murray. How to make the big decisions in a creative business. Plus the accounting perspective: P&L, balance sheet and cashflow.

Innovation Toolbox, taught by Lisa Piller. Devising a growth strategy for your creative business.

Entrepreneurship, taught by Dr David Court, with Ian Murray. Structure, strategy and business planning for creative entrepreneurs.

Leadership in the Creative Industries, taught by Dr David Court, with psychologist Dr Chris Stevens. Develop your personal leadership plan.

The project

Throughout the year, drawing on the teaching and tutorials, you will work on a personal business project. This can be an existing business, a new business, a new creative project – or just an idea you think is worth developing.

You will be guided through the project by Compton’s Creative Fellows – an amazing team of successful creative professionals who will help you do your best work, with advice, feedback, insights and mentoring.

By the end of the year, you’ll be ready to take the next big step in your career.

Meet our Creative Fellows

Piers Grove, publisher of Junkee, founder of EnergyLab.

Chloe Rickard, partner and Head of Production at Jungle. Producer No Activity, Wakefield, Squinters.

Sue Maslin AO, creative entrepreneur, producer of the hit film The Dressmaker.

Dr Chris Stevens, creative psychologist and entrepreneur.

Vincent Sheehan, producer Fisk, The Kettering Incident, Operation Buffalo. 

Ian Murray, founder of 113 Partners.

Robert Connolly, producer and director, The Dry, Paper Planes, The Turning.

Imogen Banks, founder Kindling Pictures. Producer Offspring, RFDS, The Beautiful Lie.


What you’ll learn: By the end of the year, you will have –

  • An actionable creative business plan, ready to implement.
  • A deep understanding of the key business disciplines including financial analysis, business planning and strategic choice.
  • A network of true peers on which to draw in your future creative projects and business ventures.
  • A postgraduate business qualification from one of Australia’s leading universities.
Program Partners: University of Canberra

Graduate Certificate in Creative Business



Program Structure: The course is structured for part-time study across the year. Lectures and workshops are delivered online via Zoom (and recorded for catchup). Overall, the course requires about 10 hours work each week including teaching, study, assignments and your major project.





Email us at [email protected] for detailed course program or questions.