Investor Ready Program

‘The riskiest thing we can do is just maintain the status quo’
—Disney CEO Bob Iger

Say you’ve spent 10-15 years building your business and reached the point where you want A. to get bigger and/or B. to bring in an investor or C. to sell your company. What do you do next?

INVESTOR READY is for anyone who’s reached that point or wants to start preparing for it:

  • Finding an equity partner to invest in your business
  • Negotiating a merger with another company like yours
  • Selling your business to a bigger company
  • Readying your business to carry on after your exit

None of these things just happen. You have to work towards them. In this program, we’ll show you how.

INVESTOR READY is delivered in two parts:

1. WORKSHOPS. A series of 4 two-day workshops where you will learn key methods and strategies and, working in groups, take part in a detailed case study showing how to put these methods and strategies into practice.

2. PRIVATE COACHING. A personal business planning program where you will develop an Investor Ready Plan for your company through private one-on-one coaching with Ian Murray and David Court.

You can choose to undertake the workshops only, or the workshops and private coaching together.



  1. Exit strategies

    We explore what it takes to ready a business for the exit of its founder. The idea is to build a business that can continue without you.

  2. Understanding investors

    Investors vary in their appetite for risk, time horizons and expectations of return on investment. They also have different strategic needs. Understanding the differences is key.

  3. Business structures

    You need a structure that gives the right incentives to the people who own it and work for it – and the people who might want to buy it. Do you have the right structure?

  4. Reverse financial modelling

    If you know where you’re heading, you can construct a financial plan in reverse. We teach this innovative planning method.

  5. Growth strategies

    Growth is about focus, not ‘more of the same’. We lay out four proven growth strategies.

  6. Sales and marketing

    Sales and marketing are the twin revenue engines of your business. They need to be well matched and highly tuned.

  7. Resourcing, capital expenditure, performance management

    What resources do you need to build your business and how can you get the most from them?

  8. Business planning and modelling

    Planning’s a waste of time, right? Not if you want to sell your business. The plan is the narrative – the story you’re going to sell.

  9. KPIs, reporting, and business intelligence systems

    Managers need data to guide their decisions. So do investors. We help you design a business intelligence system for your business.

  10. The sale process

    How to prepare for your investor/buyer’s due diligence process.



  • The workshops will be delivered in 4 two-day sessions, running over a Friday and Saturday from 10am to 6pm each day. Workshops will be delivered alternately in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • Participants will work in groups on a detailed case study which will be the ‘stalking horse’ for the course.

Workshop leader

Ian Murray

Workshop convenor

Abigail Tabone

Guest lecturer

Dr David Court


Workshop dates:

  • To be advised


Workshop venues:

  • To be advised



    In part 2, we switch mode from classroom discussion and case studies to private coaching.

    We recognise that every company is different. You may face a particular challenge – or opportunity – that can’t be dealt with in the classroom. Or your plans may have commercially sensitive elements that require confidential treatment.

    Part 2 is therefore designed to help you develop a tailored Investor Ready Plan for your company through a series of private, one-on-one coaching sessions.

    Our coaches have specific expertise in the content industries and understand the complexities of intellectual property, the financing challenges, how these influence the business structure, and the different valuation methodologies.

    Sessions can be scheduled in parallel with the workshop program or after its conclusion. While there is flexibility in session timing and duration, we envisage a series of 5 three-hour sessions at fortnightly intervals plus written feedback.

    Sessions may be conducted in person or online.


Ian Murray

Dr David Court



  • Workshops only: $4,500
  • Workshops + private coaching: $9,000