Pitch School

In an industry where everything comes down to your ability to pitch an idea, we know the value of telling a good story. At Pitch School, we can teach you how to shape your idea into a story that brings together the people and money you need to turn that story into reality.

A pitch is not just the words you use, or the way you say them. It’s the story you tell. It’s the way you present yourself. And it’s the team and the plan you’ve assembled.

There are so many ideas. But very few come to pass. The difference is the pitch.

Our backstory

In 2019, we ran a series of workshops for researchers at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals at Randwick and Westmead. These researchers faced a challenge very much like the challenge facing filmmakers: how to create attention for their ideas in a very noisy space. 

So we taught them how to tell their story in a way that drew people in and made them want to help. We gave them the tools to pitch their life-saving research projects to the philanthropists who would fund them. So far they’ve raised nearly $5 million.

In 2023, we took our teaching to the staff and students of the Research School of Physics at the Australian National University. It was the same story there – we learned physics is not so different to movies after all. They both tell big stories that need big backing. And thus depend on effective pitching.

So we’ve decided to offer Pitch School to everyone who needs it. Which is to say: everyone who has to stand up in front of a tough audience and tell them the story of a big idea whose time has come.

The secret of learning to pitch

The good news is anyone can learn to pitch – and any pitch can be improved, often out-of-sight. The key is to establish a cycle of rehearsal and feedback.

Feedback is one of the pillars of learning. We’ve developed a method of feedback that combines qualitative and quantitative insights. You can see how your pitch is improving on a dashboard of relevant data from a real and relevant audience.

The result is measurable progress in a very short space of time. You can learn how to pitch like a famous filmmaker in just a few rehearsals.

Join us

You can book a consultation (there’s no charge). Or enrol in our next pitch class. Or simply ask a question. Just email [email protected].