Leadership in the Creative Industries

Leadership is different in the creative industries. It’s not about telling people what to do. It’s about bringing people with you. And it’s not about the position you hold. It’s about who you are.

In this course, we explore the differences. We’ll teach you how creative leaders make decisions – and what matters to them. We’ll also help you build your personal brand, aligning the way you present yourself with who you are and what you do.

Led by Compton founder Dr David Court and award-winning producer Sue Maslin AO, this course is about preparing for a creative leadership role – whether leading a business, a team, a project or a process.

The course is designed for creative people who are busy, ambitious, and ready to take the next step.

Compton is the business school for creative people. We teach business, entrepreneurship, finance and leadership – all through a creative lens. Our graduates have the skills and confidence to grow into senior roles. Studying at Compton opens new doors.

When: Commencing first week of August. 12 weekly workshops, from 6-8pm. Plus lectures (pre-recorded or live).

Where: Delivered online via Zoom.

Cost: $3000

Credit: The course is accredited by the University of Canberra. Graduates can earn credit towards a postgraduate qualification. Fee-Help is available to students enrolled in a postgraduate qualification.

Progression: Students who wish can progress from this course to the Graduate Certificate in Creative Leadership.

Find out more: [email protected]